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Top 5 Coolest Joints to Roll

Rolling joints is a great way to enjoy your favorite strain uniquely and creatively. However, it can be confusing to determine which joints are the best because there are so many options. That is why we’ve put together this list of the top 5 coolest joints to roll! You’ll find something here to enhance the enjoyment of your next smoke session, from traditional cone-shaped joints to unusual cross joints.

1. Classic JointClassic Joint

If you are new to marijuana culture or have never rolled a joint, the classic is a good one to learn first. To get started, take a piece of rolling paper and hold it in your palm with the gum side facing up. Roll the paper in the gum, then lick the gum to seal in the cannabis. You may find many helpful videos online. You know you’re ready to move on to the next level when you can smoothly roll a classic joint.

2. Blunt

A blunt is rolled like a joint, but with a cigar instead of tobacco. When the cigar is dry, it becomes crumbly and unpleasant to smoke. To smoke a cigar, you must remove the tobacco by slicing off the outer leaf. Just reload the cannabis and reroll the tobacco leaf. In comparison to a standard joint, a blunt is often significantly larger.

3. Braided Joint

Start by rolling three classical joints. The easier the braiding process will be, the looser and skinnier the joints should be. You should braid the three ends together after you’ve glued them using adhesive strips. Twisting the ends together secures the braid after removing the cannabis from the three ends.

4. Shotgun Shell

This joint is bigger and uses more cannabis than the classic. Because you will need to create a filter for this, it belongs in the category for more experienced users. The first step is to tape together two extra-large sheets of rolling paper. The next step is to use at least four sheets of filter paper to make a super filter. Roll up the four pieces of filter paper and tape them to the rolling paper. Finally, sprinkle some cannabis and roll it up like a traditional joint.

5. The Tulip

This joint is great for crafters. Make a pencil-length roach first. Then, roll two sheets into a cone shape. Stuff with cannabis and secure the top with a twist. Place the roach on the opposite end of the cone and secure it with thread.

If you are looking for some cool ways to roll your joints, you might want to check out these creative and artistic styles that will impress your friends and enhance your smoking experience. You can also create amazing memories with your friends by playing games about who can make some cool joint rolls. The possibilities are endless!

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